Offshore Outsourcing

  • We provide offshore dedicated resources...
  • Offer our services to your clients...
  • Consider our team as your employees without the overhead...
  • Stay competitive and increase your flexibility and project volume...
  • Save up to 70% per month on your resource costs...

If your company occasionally has more business than you can handle, or doesn't have the skills to meet the requirements of the client request, why not outsource to ICT Total Solution?

Once you begin outsourcing, you will free up valuable staff time allowing you to focus on attracting new projects or building existing client relations. When outsourcing to ICT Total Solution, you can be assured of:

  • Fee rates up to 70% lower than NL development rates
  • An excellent and guaranteed quality of work
  • Expert and skilled designers and developers at your disposal
  • Full quotes on fees and time frames before commencement
  • Fast turnaround
  • Consistent and regular contact methods including email, phone
    (number), and MSN
  • Invoicing in Euro's from a NL VAT-registered company

We provide cost effective offshore development services based in India. Outsource your projects to us without the added expenses of maintaining in-house professionals.

  • Do you have a back log of projects?
  • Have you ever needed to turn projects down due to resource constraints?
  • Are your design and development costs too high?
  • Have your projects suffered due to an inflexible work force?

ICT Total Solution provides dedicated offshore resources for all types of development and design projects. Consider us as an extension to your existing web design and development team without the overheads. Unlike most offshore providers, our business is based on client relationships that are driven by value and shared goals, not rigid, lock-in contracts.

Let us take care of your development requirements whilst you take care of your core business.

We believe that the best way to gain confidence and get acquainted with our approach is to provide a small pilot project. As a first project this could be performed at a discounted charge.

Our effective offshore development process helps customers to achieve their business objectives with total project control and transparency. We follow a flexible development process with ample scope for adaptation should requirements change.

Our Offshore Process:

  • Understand client's requirements and project objectives
  • Allocation of NL account and project manager (if required)
  • Technology assessment and suggestions
  • Estimation of time and investment
  • Review preferred pricing model
  • Contract agreement
  • Project planning
  • Project status and progress reporting
  • Development (with mid cycle review)
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Final delivery
  • Maintenance and support
  • Post project evaluation and recommendations
  • Feedback

Why Outsource to ICT Total Solution

  • To exploit the Time Zone advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle
  • Benefit from cost effective and flexible rates and drastically reduce operating costs.
  • To gain access to world-class software engineering skills
  • To share the risks involved in development
  • To seek resources not available in-house
  • To finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations
  • To free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects
  • To gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project

Business process outsourcing advantages – please visit this section to know more about outsourcing advantages.

Pricing Models

Fixed Price Model
In this model we need your exact project requirements to estimate the time and resources involved to come to a fixed price. A project plan is made and the payments are linked to important deliverables. Any changes to the requirements are seen as ‘Change Requests’ and are charged for the extra time required at an agreed hourly cost.

Time and Material Model
When scope, specification and implementation plans of a software development project are not easy to define at the outset, this model becomes an attractive option. Under this model, you pay based on hourly development efforts that are associated with the project. At a time when the scope is frozen this model gets converted to the fixed price model. We have very strict project management and reporting practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily and weekly basis so that you can always review project costs quickly.

Flexible Leasing Model (IT Staffing)
In this model you can lease our programmers with the skills you require on a monthly basis. The programmers will report to you directly from our office in India via Internet messenger or Phone and you will be able to do the Project management yourself. You will also be allocated your own account manager that you can contact.

Please Contact Us for more details.

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