IT Staffing Services

ICT Total Solution offers flexible staff augmentation services to clients enabling them to extend their staff to our offshore development center in India taking advantage of our qualified and experienced personnel.

Our services provide clients with a cost effective solution to increase and expand their staff and is the perfect way for organisations to accomplish their special or seasonal projects.

We Offer IT staffing for resources such as - Graphic Designers, ASP .Net Developers, DBA's, PHP Programmers, SEO, Website Developers/Website Builders.

  • Highly experienced and skilled staff pool to select from
  • Hire Full Time or Part Time Staff
  • Select for various staffing requirements from designer to highly skilled programmer
  • Price starts at as low as €350 per month

The benefits that our staff augmentation services provide are as follows:

  • Virtual staffing is a cost effective solution as no office space, equipment and training of personnel required.
  • Our virtual assistants are time bound and dedicated individuals, working towards optimising your business returns.
  • Work can be directly assigned by you to the resources and they will follow your processes and reporting methodologies.
  • All intellectual copyrights of the work done by such resources would remain with you.


At our development centre in India, we offer the services of our skilled and experienced personnel in the following areas:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • .NET Programming
  • PHP Application Development
  • Database Administration
  • SEO Services
  • Maintenance

Organisations can opt for virtual staffing if:

  • The solution to be developed requires specialisation in some particular field
  • The solution has much functionality and its features require constant enhancements
  • The solution requires regular maintenance

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