Use high quality photos of your establishment

Photographs are a large part of having a successful website and money and time should be given to this element. Remember, good quality photography can be used across a number of areas, not just your website. They will not help you get found in search engines and they will not automatically bring more people to your website, but good photographs will help convert website visitors into actual guests. Travellers like to see what they will actually get. Poor quality pictures or too few photos often result in poor conversion from browser to guest. Great photographs of your establishment will impress visitors more than anything you can write or any other "cool" website effect can achieve.

Common mistakes of website photography

  • Small photos
  • Fuzzy photos
  • Poorly lit photos
  • Poorly compressed photos that are larger than they appear and take too long to download
  • Photos that resemble snapshots
  • Photos that were small made larger
  • Photos saved in the wrong file format
  • Photos of things that are not central to your mission
  • Photos of clutter in your rooms

Tips for better photos on your website

  • Hire a professional photographer - it will be money well spent
  • Supplement with special photos - your own photos can supplement the professional's
  • Use a wide angle lens
  • Turn on all the lights
  • Avoid catching windows
  • Be careful with the flash
  • Open doors whenever
  • Check for neatness
  • Highlight your focus
  • Remove distractions
  • Remove clutter
  • Use the right file format - photos should be JPG or PNG but not GIF.
  • Never enlarge a digital photo
  • Include surroundings and local area attractions

The success of your website depends on two things:

How many people you get to see your website and how many people you convert into guests. The number of people you get to see your website is controlled by search engine rankings, directory listings and other marketing efforts. How many of those you convert into actual guests is controlled by what you have to offer and how well your website highlights what you have to offer. High quality photographs of your establishment are essential.

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